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Zero Point Theory

one plus one equals two, that is, infinite conceptions, one less than three is seven

that is, eternal heaven, as infinity exists within eternity, as the vilest hells exist

while self mastering self is pain, if eleven is zero and ten is one, does one affect

the other as one is ten and zero is not eleven, to be, broken, as time does not exist

the question of balance, will seclusion keep the pure land pure, or does the conscious

all mind exist, we are not all as one in each others minds, and as one plus one does

equal two therefore, the question defined, is the pure land pure as is, and what makes

it so, is purity a point of view, or in actuality, a state of consciousness we have yet to know

and can we get there just by minds enthusiasm to change the world that is, or must

we get there by force, as history in hypothesis, has show shown, wrath is a consequence

a consequence of actions, actions herefore unto known to be chosen, as one foot does

fall in front of the other, walking in the desert leaves footprints, and footprints leave trails

and if one so happens to step upon a nail, the nail must be removed for the foot to heal,

and one time i really did walk into a branch of tree of the forestry and poked my own eye.

and one time on christmas eve i was walking down the street and scratched my eye with

my fingernail over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

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