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Yellow Bees

and the yellow bees are circling the circling circle of orange bees

creating a three dimensional cube spinning, and you want to say

it goes left and down first, then at exactly the same time it goes

right and down, then right and up, and you never really know which

way the focus is of the orange bees now moving as the electrons

of an atom move, in circles around circles around a red bee in a

yellow cube and the point of the yellow cube north moves up

spinning in forward motion with the duck that puts its head in

the water because of all the bees, and the bees split into two

groups, six orange bees on one side and six orange bees on the

other side and the red bee is confused for a moment as the

orange bees create a star of two traingles and a star of five orange bees

and the red bee flies into the star of five orange bees and the

orange bee flies into the star of two traingles and the orange bee

is on the left and the red bee is on the right and the left rises

about the right and then the yellows bees create a larger circle

round both the orange stars and then the green bees are still

drinking up all the sparkling cider

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