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Wither and Tither

the people need more! more what! more coffee in the morning, i swear its the last cup

more effects, less noise, more earrings, he probably dint do it did he, less boys, just

more strangers in a strange land, shaking hands, that's what happens man, crooked

cock-eyed standing against time like death's shaken wind swept desert sand whipping

in the air torn battlions mist, fogged lense, first kiss, my dear, my dear, glad to see you

here, deader than a dead end street, snake bitten, for life dear friend, for the life of me

couldn't wait to see, blinder than the cloud strewn seething sky summer red augustine

eyes crying weeping at the scene tearing up the blasphemy throwing pieces for the

glimmer, shines in new light, new winter snows, that feels old like this, this is so that just

for the moment, just for the hell of it, just too much, roll it around a thousand times it

just is that way, and no one declines to find how to listen to the sun beams shining from

up above dashing through the cloud strewn seething sky like snow falling to hit and

shimmer oft each crystallized dew drop falling from the sky like rainfalls in the spring time

like in fall when the leaves for snow angels golden last moment last grasping hand grasping

at nothing again at meaningless lovers language just sit with that for a second just try

to understand before you open your mouth to show your teeth, dogs growling, worms

glow, starlit laid land passing at the moment of a lifted hand to breathe out smoke again

and find all disappears at the ever drifting scene, captivating, I try to see it for what it is not

what it could be, I try to live every second, a feast for death, we could have joined hands

bowed heads, who's turn to pray, who's playing, who's turn to laugh, who's joking, who's

turn to step up to the plate, who's throwing up, knees bucked, clutching the shaking frame

of bones laughing at the end of the world, dying for just one more taste of the high of

feeling absolutely nothing for years, a decade and then some of just absolution, just walking

the highways shoulder, extended thumb, talking to strangers in a strange land, ever ready

for action, it's not for everyone but its certainly incredible, eat it up, couldn't match the glove

held up to the light, never an easier thing said than done, never a second question, to every

conversation, to every single one speaking from one on up, I speak in tongues, I speak in a

language far removed, from thought, into action, forever a step away, trying to listen to

people speak like they know something, people trying to tell me something, that's been the

case, to a decade, to a and then some, to being held for ransom, to eating it up like cake

like mousa in a glass dome breaks through, arms and legs, aching neck of the flowers wilting

head held down staring at the ground walking aimlessly town to town street by street water

flooding just to run into walls and turn around and again, and again, to being addicted to

withdrawal so much so, pain is your best friend, wordlier wiser wisdoms from a wise wick,

match-lit candlestick, listening to the words spill from tongues of vicious languages that only

girls speak, girls worldly, girls whom have never stepped foot outside, girls who find, life is

to be lived, dear darling, dear darling, where have you been, and what have you done with

my mind, twisted inside, coiled round a diamond, snake-like, ever waiting, silent watcher

strike not the love stricken bell, have barely heard the sound of the heart dying, have barely

yet, crooked neck, more time lost than time has had, time like drifting snow in white spirals

of rose petals thrown, lifting the ancient wings, hovering in the sunlit stricken skylight cloud

less as the beams shine through and through shadow being hides in angles behind trees

ever running to somewhere ever finding release in another drink just one more song just one

more empty glass one more sing along one more please one more thank you one more

begging hand to eat, needing just a few dollars to keep going for the week, where to sleep

find thyself in a better man's shoes working endlessly as the sweat of the ages drips from the

forehead into eyes beaming at the strength of men to take time and turn it into something

mathematically, infallible, take time each day to know, find time each day to understand, and

seek only wisdom, seek nought the lifted hand, finger stretched, gifts from death, more

memories that open heart strings playing, the music arises in the mind, symphony of a

thousand and one times, drifting through the windswept sand, rises and falls again in tune

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