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White Apple

there i was one time in another classroom at another school sitting near the back of the bus

and i had recently acquired one of those small vials full of drugs of the crystal kind and for

the lift off i couldnt remember i thought it was math but it could have been absolutely some

other subject i paid no attention to i know it wasn't math but it sounds better i know it wasnt

math because i passed that class without doing absolutely anything even one time i couldnt

even put two number signs together at that point in time but i was nice to the teacher and I

smiled one time so the teacher was like alright dig in around that moment i was always with

some kids and we were always up to something hidden hands would say secret VICTORIA she would come over alot and we would draw on wood with markers sitting crossed on the

ground in my room and at that school i talked to no one at all besides one girl in one class

who was hot and we smoked cigs outside in the cold and i talked to her one time and i was

like well thats the end of that but then she started working at the pizza shoppe i worked at

but i had a girlfriend and i think she was half mexican probably not but ill keep telling myself

that and the owner of the pizza shoppe punched me in my dead leg when i quit because of

missed opprotunities and wilkie and i were like alright we both go to this new school now we

are both here we'll meet in the cafeteria everyday and have a feast and we did that one time

then we never went back to campus again instead we sat in basements rearranging brains of

children in reality we were their playthings dangling from strings of an orange guitar i traded

my soul to the devil for rewind that was way ahead of our time in the dungeon againe you

know sega was the best and one time wilkie played that looney tunes game for weeks on end everyday and he would almost win but he couldnt like the avalanche level in rambo that is actually impossible i beat it one time and ended up in the jungle and died instantly and

reincarnated as the seven up red dot guy and all the children were like aha nice shirt and i was like whatever hippie i tied my die shirt in a caudlron of festivities sweatin out superman

lunchables encrusty and i got hippie tears all over the porcelian sinks tiled walls and we kept

watching scrubs and fight club in the cassette tape of the igloo with a jew watching peaked

on vhs to the twins thats a mystery thats one stellar history and we would draw things on the

empty streets in colourful longing to be and that jew would write faggot on everything and I

for couldnt remember for the life of me if i even touched mark's ex girlfriend or if she just hexed me for fun and the first time we talked was in a darkroom with a print of all i could see were white smilin teeth i cut my thumb with that thing that you do that with and went to the hospital one time another mic dropped a knife on a trucked leg fucked from what i wouldnt know sliced thick and filled with super glue but that shit aint smart dude and anyone traveling time will tell you its better jumbing dack and landing with your feet forward toward

hells tunneled spin turning outside in painting some kind of demon blue with the guts cut

halfway through and through so i took jupiter to a play one time at that school and they did a neon rendition of midnite dreamy eyes and she wasn't surprised and she said stop checking out children im at the register and i cannot keep saying these lines againe and then they add a line and im tongue tied twisted its like things outside turn your brain into diamond and the light they shine through it reflects off every angled revelation of absolute misery whats history that was a minute ago less than ten plus three just trying to believe ive

finally got a grip on it who knew delivering pizza is really kinda like it is in the movies you break into three childrens homes at once and get free healing lessons on pranic loneliness

i used to like that movie ice age alot that movie i thought was wholesome and also hilarious

dang squrriel gets me everytime and being crucified would have been a whole lot less painful i think i guess its probably up to about how long you hang there waiting to be set free and thinking if i just pull the nails through my feet i could yogi my way up to heaven

and so i made a small pile of the ketamine on the desk during class didnt even look up RIP

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