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When The Die Is Cast

break your arm and pour the mold with your last great dying wish

eat the leg and be elegant in ways that make you forget you dont exist

buy the farm and burn the castle and drink the gasoline because

it doesn't really matter to anyone what anyone goddamn does

because all of it is a bunch a bullshit and we love to play the play

o dawn o dusk o ever revolving day, i swear i aint even seen it til

i aint even scene it til yesterday, take me away, fulfilling what reality

is to the fading dream of existence, i could have sworn i missed

i know it was your left hand darling but goddamn if i didnt feel it

and feels good it does to the soule to say, fuck it, where are we going

and who's driving this goddamn thing, someone, anyone else, out

there, honestly, i bet he never does it, he never does reveal the

secret of when the record skips, and somehow we're back to the

ensemble and their just tuning up the strings and honestly, i am

having a real hard time believing anything is actually happening

is all the world a stage is all the news a lie am i even alive and

even if i am, when you learn that there is no heaven and this is

it, this is all forever will be and what we make of it, well, i guess

it's just a big ole' dance around and we'll all laugh and we'll all relax

and whatever happens happens and who fucking cares and where

is my cat, he could type some more and that would honestly be

more interesting to me than probably a lot of the stuff i see on tv

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