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What Was I Saying

just trying to figure out what people are actually saying even though what they are actually saying is actually still exactly what it is that they are actually saying even though what they are actually saying is something somewhat different because in someway or another what their actually saying is something that they mean to convey and what they mean to convey is one thing and also another thing and even though it is one thing on one hand usually some off hand comedy handled second handed seconded and handed back again, then within it usually is something that they are trying to convey, that is really what they are actually saying

i'm just saying nothing and getting i don't know what i'm saying i don't know and getting to it again diamond split inherent mad son with mad eyes beaming madnesses within reflecting off insanities diamond compressed for sand to invent time with whats an hourglass whats a second to eternity what's forever less than infinity what is left when all is so promising what is honesty when what you are saying is something besides actually saying it then butt whats the fun in that pro atheletic probably really good property of programmers whom do math you bet better than a backwards finger flip technology decked floor boarded up the window and house said cave in but i didn't i did for an instance i did for a listening glistening dial tone hours lost horrorshow more beauty page gentlemen wherefore art thou painted and portrait screams silences for chalk coughed smoked dust i havent once but there was one time where the pot went golden for rainbow hued leaves to frost and splinter shattered frame for mirror lifted fingers tipped glass hour poured red and oranges fell down sideways staircases and skipped a step somewhere there in trying to say exactly what it is youre saying clearly im missing something stitched up guts blown mind shredded for confetti bones tap dancing hats square the circle circumfranced for diameters radius is a mountain and the face carved scarred cheek from trucks and in the trunk the key's to life and death and something in between them is called the backseat of yesterdays epiphany had for todays revelry and tomorrows dying lightless flame smokeless candles thats most of them anyways

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