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what someone else says

that whish is whiched and is that what it is all that which is what was conciousness

my friend told me his name was bliss was time and and it is called chalking the que

up conciousness right back where it was just on time also everything you see is bliss

that is a state of ecstasy i havent taken and ill never know who it is and ill never know

what he looked like that is what i have been asking the whole time what am i to look

like a fool in the cap of a canon because the canon in the back is the canon that was

that and in the canon is a stone and the stone was self grown by the home grown so

so far i didnt like that where was i going what i meant to write what is how the mind is

not writing exactly what it is AI i am speking it out, what i was trying to say was that the

post when i posted it the bell wrung out it was wringing the laudnry out back then i

probably miss inside how it felt to be alive because what i was saying was that it was

the laundry beeper it went off actually exactly when i posted the one, one time, I

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