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What It Is To Be Listening

to the voices around you speaking things convincing

and what is it a word I say I have said at the vast expanse

of nothingness, a lot of things, shall we begin again, I

i already forgot most of it and i ears, erased the better

half of a morning, taylor swift just sand it she sand there

there is only one grain left in this glass time for another

she stole all my best dressed falling from nothingness

she spoke the words singing them it was on fire and

what was that manuscript I made a torch of it and i

swear I lifted it straight from the deepest pit within

he snapped the fingers with the sparkeler inbetween

i burnet my hole hand that danm day it was night

I was barely alive i gripped it i whipped it I thought of it

Twice Times A Square And A Chair What Was Written

On The Other Side I Swear I Could Almost Remember

Actually Doing It Actually Glueing It The Crystal To The

Wand Of The Skull Twas A Moment Then Twas It My Friend

That Is A Sparkler That Is a Grenade That is a Mindless Dawning

Landscape Calling The Sundown Spot Up For A Mom Made Morning

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