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Waiting For A Walk In 2024

and honestly the cable kid / person who knocked on my mom's door twice today,

I was only here to write about all the ways to be embarrassing to myself and the world

for the second time this time and i swear that person / kid had so much cologne on

I stepped outside the doorway just to hear it the garden inside me dying from poison

truth has it made to be, there are many ways to die vibrantly, only a phew in the night

yet it is still the sun shining down upon the shoulders of time hobbling along, which

was worse you might ask me? well, good sir, I shall be so obliged, I wrote it once and

I'll say it twice, although, I cared about it more than I actually thought of before because

when you inhale the far reaching exhale from the cloth dowsed in long long long years

it actually hurts your lungs, i was about five feet off the cloud by the time it hit me, and

falling from that height spread along the concrete, well, my hands are tied, and on we go

continually second guessing and shall always be another time spent drowning, off we go

thank god for a smoke, my nose still twirls, kiss the mother for a pitchfork and a coke

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