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in the vast visions immactulate spell a word for bliss like hell pleasure pleasantries peasants

the soul borne tree spouts through solid ground in the cave of theives from crystallized drop

let me speak let me breathe one breath infinite entanglement eternity in alignments shake

and leaves falling in the forest like rain slow it down then cant be found when soul caught

for eyes inside the mind bleed rivers of reattaining actuality within reality reality without time

for space like sap held between the fingertips taps the cane and we're off again looking for

gnomes to leprechaun lookin for elves to nod off tip of the hat top of the morning smashed

the glass across the waiters face seated outside i swear that french place is on St. Mark's or

so i thought before spinning Saturn's Cube with Jupiter and i swear the world ain't never

stopped like it did before and when the first hand met the second glance the shadow said

wherefore art thou unto me things passing like visions hardly recognized and barely seized

the mind for eyes dripping paradisial belief that spreads like disease taking over artificial

englightenment like florescents of the flowers bloom smells like a hippie dies stench like

juice apple pressed tripple stacked acid will take you out of the rounds like spinnin chamber

for clowns barely words speakable drop from the tongue barely eyes can see light from one

and moves made a thousand legs creeping crawling things that hideous you've got to see it

to believe you've got to break through the heavenly surface of the face in the mirror shining

opalessence darkness is right there right round the cornere when the mind breaks for spines

like snakes coil one click faces turn heads before bodies in silent devotion mind themselves

how did I get here they ask themselves enter nought head to the floor speaking syllables in

languages unforgettable in burning lettre written golden while crying blood from the heart

beheld in the hands from heaven in the clouds spiritually sound and soul awakened dances

go round about the barrel barely filled to the spout it just tastes better when the barrels past

was alchemical (exploded) the past erased like act three walking the mountain of knowledge

exists nought within the desert of sin throwing coloured sand in the aires for eyes caught still

staring at the reflection before the ligments torn from the bones still questioning the white

mask in the frame of the portrait hanging from the branch before the ribbon of age worn

time gave in and the face fell from the soul still woody in the forest of burning hands and

feet for a parade of lost limbs and falling leaves like thoughts go downstream walking with

me the spirit and I the soul no that's not right left the body somewhere dying beneath a tree

still barely the pencil writes on the incensed sheet still carving a swastika in the belt the

leather strap slaps the back felt proud to have it on my hip felt more proud to sit with men

whom knowest and without words barely understood stand and salute thank God for truth

what more canst thou be all you can eat it's a goddamn feast for forever for The Devil's end

devouring spirits whom thinkest and in thinking speak too freely and in being too free think

then thoughts no better man no better thinkest thy nought for thyself's better weather rain

rain go away it is raining like it did back then today only in the mind for dropping things like

sand grains fall through the hourglass spinning diamond on the table lifting the candle to

shine light into it yet somehow the flame does not shine like sun beams hit to explode with

force with captivating inquiry like somehow light from different sources bleed from throats

cut dilligently like i ate the entire deer the night before cooked up on the stove top of the

wood burning stove and devoured from the pan given from the hand of the Father himself

and I could see him in my mind the morning when ice became realities dream of things lost

to history things too sacred for the reading public too vast for the mind to behold and far

more great than the last testament, it happened like this, first the arrival of the prince of

darkness hooded cloaked standing inches off the ground towering above the clown spread

out across the couch watching the spiritual forces of evil manifest themselves taking his spot

in the west of the room now sitting straight for the legs of things crawling for shadow play

more solid than smoke She arrives dragged in by the three headed beast whom smashing

the mirror the reflection breaks like the rear view mirror of the luxury like my ex girlfriend

she picks up the broken pieces on the ground and standing over the sink starts cutting and

she was proper and prim pushed to the edge of sanity for a missed kiss like another one

stabbing the carpet with a knife for being pissed like missed connections cut wires trip out

goes conciousness and replace intellegence with understanding knowledge is wisdom when

applied by scientifically proven spiritual never more of an issue with the melodic flute never

more of a written musical singing songs to a roof for the sun is shining somewhere for the

sky is blue and the grass is always greener when the light from the sun is shining true blue

the mechanism in the compass stops the movement of the show all whirling motion in the

hourglass becoming deserts lifted sand in the hand like diamonds shining like rain falling

like petals drift from the flowers torn from the garden each colour seperates each seperated

colour mixing with aethyrs floating pointelism infinitally caught by the sunlights spectral fire

illuminated within all ensared in the capsule of the diamond spinning on the table in circles

round and round the mask in leaves buried deeper in the ground for theives searching for

the cave of the child king sent by the gypsy prince himself for what they know nought and

for whom they do not care at the centre of the cave the grail of the master levitates and in

the grail the glass eye spinning reflecting light beams like fractals enveloping all within sees

all without question engulfing all with black fire for trees hanging from tinsel string like skulls

wrought for spider's homes in the web of the Queen Bee like water droplets caught by grass

in the morning dew colliding sparks shouting into the abyss hit and explode for colour when

all was grey scaled gold weighed against a feather for eggshells broken virginity for the eyes

weeping sand thrown barely moving lifting from the hand of the begger cross legged in the

middle of the desert empty of all beings at the vast expanse of nothingness for wind when

closing your eyes is just opening them again somewhere on the other side of sleep what is a

dream what is poetry what is speaking when languages from tongues tied tight like a neck

snapping two nails in the wrists for psalms 13 one nail through and through the split soul

walking with himself through the temple to find the mirror fixed finding again the white

mask enthused to find thyself no more then and no better time now to start the tune

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