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Verse XIII (A)

wher once was something nothingness againe when is it that thee shall find the end written

knot riddled corpses settling into fire of the abyss deep below the surface of the face hidden

death belabours me death infinity death what couldst thou want from me and when is it that

thee shall find the beginning again written before the end was tied tight round the noose led

feet for deserts sand hot burning through and through the soul heat rising temperature for

molten chains leaving scarred remains falling to pieces like rainfalls of rain falling diamonds

shine liquid magnificense like broken glass needs blood for survival of the fittest realm falling

away flowing downstream in hideous greens and rainbow spider legs for woods last stand

before blood soaked the surface of the face engulfed with flames behind the mirror shining

openly for lost kingdoms crumbling stone all shattering mirrored reflection of the child kings

home exploded without remorse for the code written beneath the church on the horse bone

flute lifts from the broken needs suspended floating midairs drifting garden massacre all of

them patterns in colourways forgotten memory with remembrances revelry for some kind for

the epiphany of the wings flying for white feathers last puff ripped the body from the hull of

the ship before the mast was laid to waste by the steeple before the church was conceived

what colour was the horse this time beneath the ancient burial ground of palaces built for

bones of the skeletons tripping dripped mindless dews fall from clouds to find the ground is

ancient more alive than deaths best dressed blasphmy drowning beneath ice laid pond for

theives on the cave whom find nought the way in whom findest nought exists round them

enter again and find thyself graver than tunnels leading to hallways corner open ended and

againe fall from historys shelf with the knife laid deeper within the spine worn leather strap

whipping behind the shoulder for the backwards upraisal for the clouds summoning before

the light was seperated from the darknesss before the mirror was hung to dry for the paint

was eyes coloured mystery from horses flight in circles found weaponized the mind to fight

what was it that writing again what is it that writes where was once the table set and candle

bought from the beggers hand himself taken from one of the baskets three before the show

began before the music took away the scenary before the sky ripped cloudless black abyss

full to the overflowing brim with naked bodies collapsed dust blown from the frame of the

shining mirror in hideous abundance of the dance of death for dust for sand from the hand

thrown midairs flight for a knife and when the whirling madddnesssess flipped the hourglass

for a diamond spinning atop the table propped ready for the explosion of the barrels wick

stepped on twice before the match was lighted and the angel died grasping the key that

opens heaven's gate rain fell and in falling hit the ancient ground running for the labrynth

in the mind of the beast changes rapidly overgrowing vinery talking flowers speak riddling

things only birds understand only bees handwritten lettre red for blood from the feet of the

walking slave between deserts mirage vanishing enter again hallways glimmer for candles of

the caves spark the match light the fuse and we're off again through the door in the center

of the room serpentine spiraling as each step taken the second hand moves yet once every

million years as the minute hand rounds again off the hourglass the reflection of the light

from the mirror at the end of the hallway shining off a diamond hanging from a chain molten

from the black fire surrounding everything flowers wilt and die collapse explode crushed for

spells wicked torture crushed exploded collapses lives again before the hour glass drops a

grain of sand the pyramid alignment with the setting sun for stars arise within the fountain

flowing just a glimmer it was just a rippling echo from the stone thrown before the reflection

of the white mask in the mirror caught the eyes shimmering from the glass broken for the

diadem's diamond spinning atop the table set for the date with flowers from the gardens

greatest menagrie pulled again by the slave whomst job it is to keep the master walking

knees falling for teacups calling the time wrenched for breaking teeth biting the hand that

is keeping the key from the gate behind the stone placed in the trunk for a chest antique

covenant of curious more curious than awake more dead than asleep more alive than the

eyes captured glare all colours through the diamond at the centre of the hourglass break

again the mirror and shatter for white escaping dresses lift from running legs horrorshow for

the madness that is naked in the garden drip white mask white mask close the gate and turn

the latch hide the key and find all things elementary in the cemetary for a grave fountain is

far past empty needst thou more than a date round the table for slaves reflection of the knife

of the face of the mirror leaving and returning again and again and again seperating into

repition of minds floating like galaxies in space one murderous eye at the centre place wher

the diamond crushed for dust and sparkling trails of lightless dawn golden minds exploding

for the egg shell crawling round and round the floating notes of the flutes embrace barely

to the lips of the beggers snakes serpentine around the baskets three whom so devises to

choose which is which and where are we now the child king in the tree waiting for the gypsy

to fall asleep just so sure it was the entrance of the cave now bleeding just now bled for a

diamond's light lost before the reflections take hold of the mind and find thyself more lost

before the step in the desert sand becomes all encompassing madness for sanity is written

long before time was created and space was a distant memory longing to rise like sun does

each day again and every night descend the stairway round the pit carrying the candle lit

round the stairs the ascension and clasp the ankles then and the wrists rises the stone as the

tree of life grows and behind it endless nothingness nothing more than and nothing less

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