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Verse XII

long eyes wind chimed the way it rained just yesterday, that yesterday, stabbed him

having first set the heart in place, struck fire, words falling needlessly upon the page

punishing it is to be breaking the bleeding stem from the bloom blood dripping like

waterfalls drop to spread blacknesses deeper coloured imaginary popping burst stars

upon the indivisible night laid landscape, are we too far in are way far past stopping

out into the breath of death dear friend darling luck dragon propositional rephrase

are we to be in love my mind mad mindless self eternal darkness with sparkles with

flares with shining teeth to bite and tear promise me this each and every day, you

and I, we fight like seething hatred inside needs a knife's sharp liquid edge to release

for ever lost some more simple word to tidy it up tied in bows barely indescribable

and on my hands and knees, crawling, I shant leave so foretold by the book screaming

fiends may try to bask in the glorious esque ness of adultery as a sin to be condemned

my mistress my muse in what garden with what thorns give unto me thy sharpest quick

dagger split blood ripped skin burning beneath the seething sun my hatred for loves

kiss loves stressed loves liquid licked words falling away into the distance of a memory

just hours ago twas it down to seconds hand barely moving to achieve intellects greater

alignments unimaginable as if thought lifted straight from the conjuration to fall clearly

upon every passing moment enlightenments song unravelling all at once the music starts

and the stars shooting off as each note rises to ring and better phrase phase none more

a prettier moonlit face just dying for a taste of nothingness in abundance of dwindling to

shouting again what are you yelling for what are you dying for what is there to live and is

it, shall it be, what more, once more, then again for the trees, for the burning desire deeply

hidden deeper than a dead man's grave, a grave, what is it to be, what do you want from me

I haven't got a thing to say so what do we do all the long riddled hours of play twisting away

bury me in thy most wicked spell and give unto me thyself, if you don't want your soul I'll

have it and do my damned best to keep it safe but there are no promises written in the stars

just endless explosions of chaos always at an arms length away yet could just be more silent

nights passed aimlessly without a word to speak without one note to fall from the tongues

busy streets walking aimlessly to feed the endless nothingness pulling at the feet to just be

and that's exactly when we start again just to be friends i've only ever had enough to count

on one hand i've only ever been and can we go again take me away without you goddamn

happiness a really good time that one made me crack up and take a sip of thyself from my

dripping tongue what have you done never stop and we'll never give in to madness forever

never find me more unhinged open door swinging once i was there it was one of the best

how to release the pain without hurting how to free the mind without being found out how

somewhere in the cave the candalabras ignite stalking round the open fire closing pathways

in five different spheres at one and the same time ever drifting losing touch if i say stop then

why is it the only way why do I feel like I never want to leave just us and the wind screaming

into an abyss for reverberation sedated the nation in visceral sonnets to weep for widow's

addicting pull and tether, how's the weather, how's the war, just a little more ......................

the things they hurt in ways to feel nothing, Ive an abundance, tell me baby, how is it that

emptiness grows, how is it that black thick spread empty hands clap and wash with snow

how is it that it goes again that ancient song floating how is it that clouds form and when

it rained that day, yesterday, it rained hard, and I thought about it differently again, and

again, new impressions leave unremovable scars, permenance in absolute abandonment

knowing nought kneeling head to the floor on knees praying forgivenesses for things far

far gone into the wind far far away there was a time, when was it again, when was the last

time you sinned, tell me of the ways it is, tell me how it hurts to be, and break me then and

we can just bleed out beneath summer's sun, heat hot as rising dawn above the desert's

retreating horizon ever just a foot step away from another mirage another leaf from some

tree who's soul's trapped in hellscapped torture bound by the wrists and anklets for a stone

just don't lose it again just don't forget just be my friend it's really just as simple as that is it

just one more night to live one more life to give one more fight to be one more knife bleeds

open beneath the stars spread cluster fucked couldn't find a more dull constellation than I

beers about done and just about had it for the night, these women, who told em I'm alive

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