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Verse VI

in the forest of sin bleeding colours from eyes beaming light shines crost wicked spines

lined up marching through weaving trees shimming from winds barely wearing anything

pulse rising to further universes futures and falling into buried pasts eyes stare into eyes

dilated reckoning faster each leg marching speeding through lifting one and another up

each left and every right running through labyrinthed halls all shadows move repeating oft

patterns into memories twist and bend minds whom thinketh nought couldst leave where

we left it basking in revelation dripping in thoroughly undiscovered alchymic climbs from

smoke from incense curling beneath nostrils flair to then inhale and shatter every reflective

mirrored vision from visions eyes open unto darkeneses endeavor to create what it is to be

and from nothing make everything better somehow someway there must be a catch there

must be a never ending throw of a a a skipping stone skipping long ways into the eerie glow

of sunsets morning fall alluring windless dawn to breath taking display of widow's endearing

vow and mistresses captivating play the whip it tethers round itself slithering on the ground

snake black visage taking it's place around the mask waiting for the victims slip to step once

description and far outdone chaos in unknown confusions calming stream ever drifting on

like a leaf drifts down to further bent derange further on down the calming stream into non

existence like existence somehow makes reason to exist within reason and virtue masks all

careless mistakes that do bleed upon the masked face buried deep beneath the forest floor

just begging for rain without asking for clouds just wanting sun without suns torturous heat

just ink bleeding page upon page of black writing fire scripted incantation sung by voices in

oscillations like irresponsive heart beats flat lining purposely to escape worlds problems one

to be and one to veer off crashing buzz whirling rainbow in a broken tub leaking black blood

filled to the brim descending into the deep looking for an exit a flower in the desert spinning

in the sun one light beam shining down upon the core diamond reflecting off the petals tilt

the colours refraction back up above crossing themselves yet also nought yet also are yet are

they one are they all rising forever into space to reach the star and reflecting off in various

directions all get lost all shooting stars the fireworks explode the barrel in the hull of the ship

standing emptiness skeleton men with skeletons every human face a frame every animal soul

a ghost and all over the place they are colliding with each other from gravitys pull and push

the temple of bones the last remaining reflected colour of light reflected from the flower

enters the temple to shine upon a mirror and angling the mirror to the chandelier the light

ignites every candled lamp with blue flames hovering over the wick and in reverse she lights

each candle one at a time red fire taking to burning the white mass enraged her black cloak

whipping round the floor as leaves whirling flight endures in twisting round the forest floor

the white mask stays ever silent and more lost to time than sand taken away by the ocean

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