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Verse IV

back then where demons revolting look tells of when long paradoxes unravel | all lighted

sorcery crooked mask in a crooked mirror crooked hallway in disrepair it took far too long

for words misshapen float to be pulled down black waters push into veins still bled white

sweating out histories of lasts and firsts dear yesterday and forsaken tomorrow against the

grain couldn't follow tripping lingered fingered frowning face whom dost so longingly await

releases an explosion from the hands dropping slack the mask there for just a second twas

back back the crooked wand lifted gainst the head to magic out memories the devils friends

all suffering and celebrating and all stupid geniuses masquerading idiocy all creating master

work all of it all of it all of it burned and lost to times leprous denied kiss beneath pouring

rain and heats misty eyes in a vicious mind that wraps Death's naked body in blacknesses of

insipid space barely alive those licking mistresses tonguing cheeks existing proper eyelids

lifted skirt and running sideways down spinning halls falling sand deeper into times distance

each one falls as sand grains fall and on the other side rises again the sunlit fresh flowerettes

darting through the dead forest of deaths dying crooked hands all tethered to the branches

taking punishments self inflicted scars along the stream the vision stars rising swirling galaxy

and when it rained it poured that night back then running from somewhere to someplace to

be alone someplace just to be and watch worlds revolving mystery ever blissful dreadful land

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