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Verse III

meandering down the crooked path absoluteness in confidential facts that set to pairing one

with two and ghastly visions haunting truth probabilities reality is better oft devised by hiding

minds hidden from suns beating warping mind amongst minds misleading where unto doubt

in circumstance led through thicket down deep in brambles romantic touch where we left it

back in forestry massive black enveloping tress with branches that differ not from webbed

string tying all up in connective paths for spiders to take from one to another branch in

moonlight all darkness flees shining revelatory release from directionless ideology promising

yet in every core of every tree a spider waits and on each string a spider hangs and round

the crooked path it turns and standing with the light in an urn Death enflammed in coloured

hues all melting visions circling vortex moves in rings infinity becoming eternity eternity

within uncertainty and infinity inside a ring circling in one is visions vast epiphany all light

bleeds for lovers lingering romantic touch all light needs is one insignificant luncheon over

tea for treats and sitting knees crossed beneath a tree in a frosty forest all covered in snow

every branched web in icicles all black and whites turn to browns and golds and white petals

of winters foliage dispersed along side whats remaining left of coloured paint drips dropping

in bunches on beaches in bristling dews each suspended on a grass leaf of immediately reds

in four ways split with deeper colours and lighter instances and oranges mix with canopied

throws in tangled webs hanging beneath arched windows and yellow leaves move as masks

behind greener leaves behind entangling brush all blue in skys violent cloud ensemble from

lifting tea cups beneath a frozen tree breathing aires frame faces frigid absolute disdain at

the horrible weather what a bitter morning in a bitter land with bitter cold hands there there

these ancient things all breaking mask all broken tips each diamond burst in color explosions

as it begins to rain jeweled freezing drops of liquid warmth each colour returning from us as

we take to sipping sitting beneath a tree in a tangled web of lucidity and touching knees just

for the quickest instant it seems that romantic slip the tethered leap hanging the slave from

blacker trees for blacker blood to flow down older streams in reflections hideous jealousy

smashing at the dirty earthen ware to let the let bleed from broken stairs round and round

the temple lay the towers stricken at a playful maze of disconcordiant floating thoughts all

letters turn introductions oft remembered for better of for far worse grabbing at the mask

as it falls through the floor as sand behind the doorways shaking lock rattling the cages all

wakeful life it is waking up beneath a tree in the forest face deep in leaves drink up honey

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