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Verse II

to tune the sun one must be drowned out by water pushing and pulling back

one must find thyself besmeared by paintings toss and throw dripping down

canvas to hit and catch inflamed each a fire of a coloured drop each one grows

and leading on every indulgent frequency sore wings hunch'd overlayn in leaves

from coloured trees dripping coloured flames all burning in singularities all over

everything each one drifts moving with winds impulsive flow and flicker each one

takes to burning further rising in opacity and relishing in destruction of mirrored

trees mirroring invasion of light beams in all and every angle seen two broken

hands gripping a face far from enlightenments lucid tree golden in the memory

and as each beam of liquid light strikes each face of every mirror one and at all

times reflecting back into itself each light beam strikes in centered mass over

all tangled up all sullen mask dripping between hands grip into shades of black

each beam from round the trees do hit in one and all at every angle a thousand

beams in diamonds pyramidal case the golden sphere hovers over naked death

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