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wherefore art thou truly seeing

when undiscovered reflections speak

i thought, couldst thou be, by & by

thinking the thoughts only known

where dreams revealing

questions to things that barely float

by & by, the stream of life, eternal

is ever truly wind

told to be going somewhere

in my dreams these nightly occurances

of things being taken away

first to tell me about a black unicorn

tell me more, of the rock candy

that schizophrenic mess turning

in both directions all is lost to the morn

being actually afraid that what is

lost in the fourth dimensions somehow

to never return, it was deep underground

yet still the water fell in deeper black abyss

kept in the electric circuit hidden before

a part of me being taken away lost to time

the doctors five drone on around arms as

they walk me into the light yet upon

awakening I was walking out, exactly because

I was thinking, in that realm, they are leading me

to a place that I will never escape from

yet with my mind coming to, conscious of the fear

I was choosing to believe a part of me left

unresolved or further gone

to meet again on the other side talking nothingness

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