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Time Erased Creates

there is a death within, dead happenstance, visions vast bliss in languages forbidden

wholly wrapped up promises of, promoting the, let me take you down to where I'm

going to, nothing is real, all in shades of hideous blue unraveling with exquisite pain

visions last uncollapsed vein, drawing, evermore of some ever far out blasphemy, with

sprinkles, with flair, don't it taste sweet when you do it with your feet, that walking thing

onslaughter of the scene, senses reminded, reminiscing, weapons flailing, shutters drawn

open ended questions lead me on, lead paint, liquid thumbprint, listen up kids its just

visions wonderous, land it does then, landing love, less of a belief and more an interest

more of a whipping eye lashed lilith, more of a wind racked motionless palm tethered

by the wrist to the boarded door, nailed, oft, more so, oftener than nought, third realm

thinking, before it enters the second ring to circle above the head before it enters the

mind like some illusive thing, unknown mastery, masterpiece, commonplace to meet

and who has the time, where is it that I can find nothing to get, sordid, wet, dripping

rainfalls of sunlight, falling leaves golden age, revelries, quote me on this, start the

sentence again, there is a death within, there, where time erased creates, visions master

ruminates, cauldren boiling, children sing the song of the ages on the stage at the bar,

I didn't really understand the words until then, some eight year old talking to herself

for hours at a time, who has the time, who can take me there to that place, where I am

trying to be, buying and selling thoughts and thinking about how to stop drinking coffee

in the morning, mind yourself buzz, thoughts only of, thinking, and to think about thoughts

in the fourth perspective, let alone, left of the altar and held in the palm of the white mask

glistening, all falling away again down beneath the tree, ages past ages hence, present

tense, and nevermore so revealing, built to fall, troubled water, rumor has it something is

happening, I couldn't believe a thing, in my mind's eye, things I can't write, feelings of

and longings for, a death within, erased, every morsel of a word, mortal, and immaterial

dreams lingering through & through the morning's landscape, running through the hallways

ever chasing something, going hunting, remembrances of yesterday, pasts looking glass

mirages custom made with each falter step through the desert of sin, sand dances lifted

by some invisible force in ways unspeakable tongues babylon, truth be to the fortune

telling, and what am I to give, what am I to do to drown in it, captivating, mind invading

sign the paper, and the only thought I have about it is, who is anyone to say when enough

is enough, who's arc is it, Enoch's, who's covenant, who's dove, bleed better blood blacker

than night's shadow, more liquid than moonlight, more drawn and when it dances mixed

with heroin, golden, at least it's true when you're on acid, somethings never look so

beautiful, somethings, never, who's endeavor, and who's to stay, who will leave this place,

we are going down, let me take you too, by the hand, somewhere, only things, all is, only

things, promises written in dust, left reminders on the mantle, all along round the candle,

far far far drawn out, put out, left to linger, amongst spidered coils and ancient text, all things

read the same in wonderland, all things drifting go, all things leaving never return, all things

are everything to me, and nothing will ever be the same to somebody every time the second

hand moves on some watch keeping time that some wrist is tied up with, hanging from the menagery

door, frame the compass spinning, magnetic north, star lit dinner when the candles flame

is smoke, curtain opens, shades of blue seep in through & through, sleeping in the pyramid

is a clown and he knows exactly what to do, just to see you smile, just to tickle the alien for

awhile and do the dance, the spring-tale, bunny, wherefore art thou honey, art thou in the

car, art we are, driving, somewhere lost in the darkest of tunnels, leading to some, far out

place, somewhere, where left it is the words we never say, further left turning the page of

the book of all the ages, who's to read tonight, when shall we leave the light on, please

nightmares become me, so, creation laughs at nothing, tickled pink, stomach gutted, roses

weep, the garden's art is menagerie, mercilessly mixing coloured epiphany, evermoreso

a more beautiful green I've never seen, leaves talking to himself from the room of a dead

memory, looking down at the white mask in both hands silently, third sphere rocking, side

to side gripping the knees as the ship sets sail in some water coloured ocean of fears tearing

at the frame to find the canvas of the other side painted mirror, I stare at the great treatise

daily, and feel unworthy of it yet, finding more momentum to seek a great escape, hanging

there from the tree, just waiting to be plucked, she loves me, she loves me not, it happens

to be, no, it does not, there we shall meet, there, there, shall never come, splitting up, laugh

ever longing mask, or cry, feel nothing inside, there is a death within, time erased creation

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