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This Weather

knocked thrice on the floors frame building the building round a diamond

it drops, into the labryrinth beneath the the trap set by spiders for walking

feet to talk shoppe and when it was then it was something wasn;t it and

afterwards it was still nothingness dropping like a leaf falls from the morning

dew suspended in the grassleaf from the time spent finding all to be all conscious

worlds devices to be moving at one and the same the second hand held back

from clocking the chimes hit the mind spills into the paradigms open paradise

all circling collapse beneath the garden in the tunneling madnessessess strung

the skeleton caught in the web of thoughts to be unraveled then handing in

an hourglass for sand that isn't numbered yet just to keep the mind from falling

it twas a calling a cold heart beats nothing more and nothing less, ice laid pond

frozen over for to magnify the lense of the shining opulence of a cloudy eye rains

twice a day once at the remembrance of time and once at the question why was

I here once more once againe where was I there to be beginning then the sutra

Sutra speak serpentine snakes slitheriane round baskets three full of sand for what

the diamond cracks the lightning hits within reflected outside the mindless dawn

rising at the heavy dusk of thoughts silently the world speaks in a language unknown

behind the mind within the eyes all things align in time with golden age worn well

lived for a life to the devil always and without a second thought the hand handed then

and knotted up

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