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Thing #1 (Again Somewhere)

because you cant walk around in public thinking total destruction of all things

could possibly be the only answer without people really seeing it in your eyes

but, i mean, im always considering other options, and trying to find answers

honestly, what does it look like continuing further down the road, acceptance

of life's problems, that's just what we call it now, it's just life, yeah fucking right

life is something that happened once, not even too long ago, we just don't

really care to listen to the people who tell us about it, and we don't really care

to know what it was like, death for everybody, further into the labyrinth please

i could be wrong, i could always be wrong, but goddamn if i wouldnt be willing

to see what it would be like, because, i mean, don't take me on my word or

anything, but, we've seen what this is like right? how much more of the same

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