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They Are Out There Somewhere

i used to play the piano every night in the aeoloen hum, the thunder just struck the moment

it was lightning to the mind of the one is that sheet music is that page concentrated, sign on

the dotty lines for dolly climbs up the string to her home on both sides she had a family man

she was a living reincarnation she had eyes like spider's minds create fractal lines of the tree

tops broken egg for the sunlight does it shine in your eyes like it does in mine they used to

be all colours the words written in reverse from the square of the moon they used to take

full sheets back then I just unlocked the padded room they used to do it different then the

words they spoke in tune with slamming keys into juggular veins from the ancient ache of

splitting corpses within whom trees of the burning forest shake off leaves of the silver light

from being sharpened by the stone used to cut the mold from the field, it lays gold around

the blue stalks, from growing purple, I saw her there too, and when it was a overwhelming

thing to think that what you see in the mind might be as true as what then, the sun shining

for daylight being drawn in by the closed curtains for the circus laughs at the elephant with

time running everywhere all over the glue wherefore art thou painted mane from the horse

whispering secrets beneath the church laid by hand where were those stones found then

and how do they get so green when I was standing there trying to paint the scene around

an apple, that fell over sideways, for the serpents tongue it twas just a moment of a thought

why was I using green paint then, to paint a table red, to walking in circles in the graveyard

again, wear is my best suit vest, went swimming with the corpses floating in the smoke and

mirrors, he was staring at the other end of the hall, ordering half a beer for to drive on drive

on, longways down the falling walls I swear they frothed I swear she was the best at it in the

hospital bed she gave me a brownie badge and drew me a cigarette and repeated to me

where I worked at, just a skipping stone away from where I was born then, just a morning

it was from lifting smoke for spiders homes are private property, o it is the darkest web she

weaves, I've never been more afraid of things I didn't want to see, I've never been more

honest then when I wrote down from the beginning let there be, nothingness at the vast

expanse of all things to be reading the cards for each whom asks, and it was my last she

said, the black pillar, I told her, at the start againe, chained to the cave inside a mountain

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