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there there

there are many things i am missing, there are many things

the most obvious conclusion is not the hardest to accept

it is difficult not to know anything for what it is at all see

the way the hourglass turns is haunting, haunting to none

none more haunting, to turn and fall in, and down deep

truly not knowing anything besides what is given, i am alive

and even that falls away as sand does fall, all is leaves all

so vastly beyond belief and yet o so very ordinary, always

always a bit more lucid in the loosing of realities grip and

never enough time to contemplate the ways things could

or could not be, at once it is all invigoratingly captivating

and then immensities of oceans tearing at the ship held

just afloat for one more day, one more on into the night

dear, dear, on into the illusive mystery, everybody knows

except me, but i only read my own writing so all i know is

all of time built to fall, at once so perfect, so inviting, so

understood, to tear at the bones of a broken man i would

bite the foot that walks too crooked, sitting through the

onslaughter of the mind bent on mind ripping thoughts

thoughts that do not think, but live, live as a dream does

dream as a life does live on screen, as images perceived

barely relate to the dimensional nuances of projected seas

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