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There Standeth The Boat of Maybe

there standeth Zarathustra at the boats prow, there was a time when there at the festivale

after smoking the alien drug far after stopping the liquid from entering the bloodstream

from the lights flickering on/off switch from the timespans speeding up for atoms to crash

and burst for licking lips speaking nonsensical words and bouncing off walls in the insane

asylum richocheting off the edge of the universe for guidance sitting at the ledge of the

lake looking at the black abyss surrounding everything I still wonder how much of it is a

controlled collapse how much of it is known facts how much is it response and answer or

how much of it is forgotten by sober minds crying eyes for when the darkness takes ahold

there again by the lake just a distance away from the boat, a stranger said unto me there it

is just across that lake but I'm not going and people come and go like the black abyss itself

like flowers bloom like shining smiling known and dwindle past shooting stars collapse into

nothingness and all I thought about it was what it could be yet at the bittermost core what

struck me most was how nonchalantly he had said it, like it was a metaphor, and not a God

given truth like a snake in the grass just waiting, like a stake in the ground hammered in with

the sledge, like a flake of dust floats away never to be seen again at the quick snap of fingers

whom oft so can, so be it, and i felt the pull more oft to be dead, like the cars going by kept

getting closer to aligning with my goodbye like when Conor and I drove to New York on

that fateful night and he went to cut a line on a cd case in the passangers seat of my moms

old car and i said don't do that and he continued to do it anyway so i blew the dust off the

jeweled case and he went freaky so the truck drove through the red light district by the dark

tunnels entrance and would have killed him if i didnt gas it and swerve the tires, at least thats

what it seemed like, but in reality, what it is as a fact that i know to be, two colliding objects

dont have to meet and crash if so told not to be solid, like liquid moves through liquid un-

beknownst all things can be controlled all things can disappear all things moving stop more

fear you say more elengent longing to be more understanding prayers that speak carrying

wings for distances out beyond the furthest reaching glow shoot a blind man and he wont

see it coming shoot a deaf man and he'll never see you smiling again there was another

time there when Aaron and I went floating around on a boat like Wilky and I did back in the

lakes again back in the tempests just to get away for awhile just to smoke what was I getting

at anyway, nonchalance, someday the light will hit again in away that ignites emptiness I

know it to be a God given promise, my heart for thee, like i would ever leave it anyway

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