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There It Was / Where I Saw It

There was a time back then, when was I dead, and sleeping on the coach's couch

Adam , he had left a notebook , one of the small ones on the table next to a pen

Always leave space between them , and I was lying there , thinking about something

Obviously , thinking , then what was I thinking then , I know I wrote it down in there

And I know two words there was , and a drawing , and this while awhile after I had given

A punk tee to a banshee screaming for a safety , I couldn't remember who was wearing it

Or wear I heard it first , I remember the order , where we left it then is exactly where I saw

Two words written in the notebook of he who was the coach , ENEMY , with a drawing of

Something I couldn't begin to recall , somewhere along the lines he brought home the

The Color Of (Ahem) A Gem, for Jen, i forgot again, I do wonder who it was in the garden

I read the invocations out loud at a party , maybe over a few nights , like , at the piano again

Gasping for a breath , I read them serpentine and my friend spoke enochian and slapped

The wrists of his girlfriend shackled deep behind the wheel on klux like back in the daylight

This kid on St. Marks used to dig his long dirty nails into the skin of his girlfriends backhands

Like she did back then so I would remember it , it was summer then , I think we were in the

Parking lot of the mall in my friends car smoking cigarettes , I still have the scars , does it

Matter where the source is of the book , is it who wrote it , who handed it back to whom it

Is a question then of disalignment with The Church Of What Is Happening Now could I

Find out , who knows when , would he tell me the truth if I could ask him , I know all he said

"It is the hat that bites back, the roads, they are, long teeth, too sharp."

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