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The Signpost

"the ripening of karma does exist!"

and manifest it does in ways that, a leaf floats down a stream, in ways that

another sand grain falls, in ways that, we can move on, not a week goes by

that we stop, nor a day, an hour, a minute, a second, the sand grain from the

bottom of the ocean, the one that makes a pearl, string them all together

hang them from the world, spitting image of the reflection beaming oft the

dew, water and mercury mix like oil and fire, black smoke rise, black eyes

roll on through the illusive depth of what anything is to be, and it is raining

again, as rain does fall from up above, as grey clouds roll asunder, all in

the mind of god, we can turn our backs on a world asking to be destroyed

and earth takes care of herself the way living things do, sacrifice, of the

grandest scale, pluck up the hideous tune, sweep the chimney men clear

one point, the diamond in the basket of the first earth, this is the second,

onwards toward a minute, to the hour, and the day, the week, the month

the years shall move onward, and all of time shall be something, and what

it is, are we creating it or merely experiencing it, and how shall we tell

the apple from the third arrow splits as the first arrow split, all that remains

a leaf, a stem, and two halves of what once was a black hole, within, emptiness

an emptiness that creates vibration, and a vibration seeking to engulf in flames.

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