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The Offended Minute

beer's still cold from the last night i saved about half of it painting drip and in dripping find

the same open entrance entranced mind in baskets split for the third dimension enter

enter the doorway behind trees far beyond the forest deep enter the mindless drops of dew

falling mindlessly upon the tongue of theives in the cavery aof the hidden belief that all is

well for thickets thorn plucks the ripe skin plush blood the drop and drop the brush just for

a moment it seems for a second thought dwindling candlelit meneragrie light shining in

gold light shining battlions clashing weaponry hit and shimmer silently the beast wanders

on through & through the hallways gleam glistening the diamonds full weep from crystalized

flames surrounding all things moving stop all things dead end forward walk on and in

walking againe deeper beneath the forest flloor the mask settles into a cloak of fire and the

star lit sky sparkling drops rainfalls of light as diamonds in the first basket collected from

beginningless time in hidden spaces deep mine artful thoughtless mind couldst thou be so

and in being so be it then and find thyself a grave to walk circles in far from the forest some

close the round tower budding lotuses beneath the winter freeze cold as an ice laid pond

colder than, nought, and wherefore art thou beauty what hast thou been doing here this

whole time endless mind forsaken dew, drop, and fall from the leaf suspended, fall from this

the tree of death for life is a barely a moment to be grasped and in grasping catch just one

breath a signless land a single moment just barely beginning to understand just just just this

what could have been and what will be what could happen and what does it do the time

clicks the mechanism within the compass broken at the dawn's lustre for dusk's luminescent

of the roses death bleeding from the cut thigh leg deep in the abyss of blacknesses deeper

mind forbidden within and far from without couldn't ever find enough time to be hiding

some ancient secret within while spilling guts from the mouth of blasphemy bleeding from

biting tongues in the realm of a thousand and one eyes fang and feign the falling leaf falls

from the dead tree barely holding on for life, to life, forever and one plus an eternity of just

trying to find out knot the wood and spiral the tree hands grasp at nothingness forever falls

away forever receeding away from the ever at a fingertips trips the stone down the mountain

kicked more days than you've lived and lived more days than one can imagine couldst but

barely remember the dream none more of a fleeting instance in the summer's sun dying for

a laughing friend dying to hear the sound of the hand being held killing what could be amen

for the embrace of greater consciousness escaping the labrinyth of spiraling days turning the

cornere round for the maze engulfs the mind with fire and only by burning be settled then

only by succumbing to the endlessness of the sand pouring from the hands you try to stop it

you try to turn back but it, far too gone into the nothingness, it is a vast expanse, it is a lost

omniscience, blood spilling from the tongue for words pouring from the heart, evermore a

long lived day lived long in the captivating play of swashbuckling the knees at the mouth of

the throne ever a lived long day long past holding onto anything for more, a second more

to the minute then and all is crumbling at the touch of an outstreched hand thinking for a

moment something exists that stands still in the desert of sin some mirage enchanted in the

forest that hides again somewhere gone into the mindless thought that dewfalls upon grass

leafs just awaiting release just clouds smoke like apparitions drifting to the tune of the song

from the beggers flute barely begun, never stopped, it is just a hallucination of a mirage it is

just entranced mesmerism hypnotisizing time into a glass for the hour poured far too fast

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