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The Most Interesting Thought Of All

at this point in it, which was not after and also before I, I got a manuscript for an eraser

and at any hoot I would sell the shoot to a guy down the block who knows a guy, he said

it himself he said the words like a lightbulb went on shooting by and by, people hang them

selves in the woods, that's all he said, and then he took pictures of children and painted

portraits of a garage, thats a whole gang of theives in the cavery sneaking theifing the

fencing sniper, paint my own fence, tough, and i already forgot I gave my drumset away

i swear i just saw a black sheep appear to the right of me standing on my bed, his face

it was white, his name, it was Life, and the mask in the refection again, I just grappled

with an apple hanging from france in my sponge is cement and I question againe and

what i find is that i wrote it wrong and i thought about it wrong and i found out the song

no, i still don't know a 24 hour dance, party, lucid, taught myself something about dust

there once again the bell ringiner man, it was a place where things happened, and who

would call that a good poem, which one I would say is it the bell ringing rang, is it the

flower the tower or the shower facing spider still leaking at the offended guy down the

street, it was a complex sentence within me a chair is my friendsy and i felt like we never

rested completely, twas bing enough for a hot toddy that fell over poe like a rainbow

"Now he doesnt want me shoot and he will not tie me boots and eat a bird like Ozzy."

And i swear i twisted one while i was sitting with my feet up like a gargoyle for doyle

screaming OCTOGONER, smoke toby says, that is the obekonobie for looking at

The expensive bottle of Jameson the bartender told me when i broker and i sold

A smoker a stolen shoot hoot and a blow gun, i've thrown darts with kids wearing rings.

And also one's with vests, that sounds the best, i have been I has shot the swoopy,

who knew it was the angle you spin the handle the crank cranks it round and the bell

Schools out, ,what is in hell, two doors, my feet on the floor, and an aching single man.

That dragon is just waiting to bite my hand , MY ELSA, i forgot her name it was Mother.

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