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The Monolith

Back when i used to go to Syracuse University School of Fine Arts, I got such bad mono I

missed almost a full month or possibly two of semester, I could barely move, I could not

walk crookedly through the hallways at school, one long hallway, endless stairs, nothing

has been done before but it is the way you do it that is so cool, she reminded me of it

my muscle memory, I used to work out, I used to do a little light lifting myself back in the

basement, it was second semester, when I couldn't move then, I can barely remember it

half a year gone to the distance of history, so much more gone to the sand, so many days

go by I couldn't count them all, all the instances I have loved anything at all about living.


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She is an evil one she is, I wouldn't know a thing about it, I wouldn't know if it is or isn't and I

Still couldn't listen to a thing a single says about a stamp, much less the bar-codes, it is of

Some dance the numbers painted on the floor with fans, was this floor sand, was this trotting

Spam folder empties man is getting drunk somewhere with my friends, do I have any I dont

Still know probably not and most likely all about to fall away from me like a leaf falls in the

Streaming hulu taught me things I wont be likely to forget that cup is full of sea water I knew

Something about somethings, knot in the wood fingered by the floor, forgot to touch the rug

So what, i wrote it didn't i did i who knows whom should be so pleasing to the eyes it was a

Surprise, was it, a jagged edge, thats jaguar print am I guessing again, I dont know cats I do

Sometimes read their language it is a line of paradigms it is a dime in the driveway it is a sign

Sign your name on the chain to join the time is sand in the light beams coloured for to play

So what is your name anyway what is it like on the other side of the mind somewhere forever

Some distance away down the stream catching leaves on fire for the burning crush, scrumble

That is what you do to a crumpled mistake on a peice of paper made from the ashes of dust

That is what you do to a mysterious guest of the hallways glow some round about rainbow

That is what, a light fixture, royally fucked for the straight, hardly a flushed face could breathe

That is what, a house of cards made only of royal faces, pull the rug out from beneath one

That is what a waving flag in the battalion, hanging from the rod, tied to the ring by a rope

Tied tight, knotted thrice, rope strands split from the bark of a hanging tree branch still it is

That rogue, the righteousnes, what is it to be rough from the heart lucid on the pavement it

That heart left to the aces to be crushed into red diamonds by a tire swing, a whole park of

That, tires, everywhere you look there was one to be, tired of trying to tired to speak still to

That, I would just like like to say this, when I spoke freely about what I was thinking of within

That, I don't know if you read the news, but it wasn't about you, things happen in lands far

That far away just a bit downstream and when they happen I just don't know what for and

That is something that makes me wonder about, reason, is it Lust that causes Rape or is it

That Rape creates a paradigm of punishing idealogistics, and in about just how many lives

Unless there is a balance between the accuser and the accused, the accursed rights of life

Unless there is just something to it that I have missed, unless it is the purpose, is it one and

Unless it is the same, just actresses and actors playing out their fulfilling parts of the play

Unless, this isn't a stage? when wast it then all things revolving madnessesess, unless it is

Unless it is that that is just how things happen then, I wouldn't bring myself to say things I

Regret to inform all and each and everyone, I am still just one beneath the sun, yet it is a

Regretfully dishonest misnomer to be considering what it is to be one with creation of all

Since the beginning of time then, there was I, is that what I am to believe, is that what the

Slippery words speak slitheriane serpentine speeches from salivating sounds slipping from

I dunno, i used to say that sumtimes. Sometimes i get bored of writing things because

I forget where I am and I start to question every, and all that goes to shit, things, a fucking.

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