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The Mask

infinite reflections of self, away, dissolve with every breath

infinite observations of thought, away, desireth I, silence

infinite turning gears of minds cruel happenstance, away

infinity, thou eternal question, spiral thou the staircase

with every breath, a leaf does fall, as sand does fall away

where does it fall, the leaf, as the sand, where do they fall

away, no where more, no where less, than anything and all

today, every breath clears the tree, and every breath yet

also a leaf on another tree, on and another and another

the burning forest is my home, fire is my place, and with

each breath the aethyrs give, one more, and another creation

exists, somewhere new I've never been, yet somewhere more

ancient, one more step forward into the desert, one more

levitation, one more floating epiphany, one more revelation

on into the mystery, on into the celebration, somewhere in

the mind things are good, somewhere, where the eyes cant see

somewhere I am the blind man, and, there, omniscience is free

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