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The Faith

Forever was just a moment said once more unto

All deep listeners tuning the stereoscope, you

You have done it again, against the well wishes

Oft a greater lock to keep further keys unhid

Dusty drawers at dusk beneath the windows

Reflection becoming stained the glass from

Wine rings on red ink still drying from the rain

Twas almost as if it twas like it twas back then

More dripped than wet more falling than ashes

Crushed the roses petals once, once a time ago

Sure there must have been, time then to discuss

Sand falls through the hands held above the

Catch, lifting up from beneath the floor what

Was once a heart, is and shall be blood, from

The fountains drifting faces speaking hideous

Overflown and far along the path then deeper

Beneath the forest floor, buried by a wasteful

Mind lost dreaming upon a stone layed by

The open door shut, twas just the light of

Another star falling away into forever again

And one and the same candle flame dancing

To the tune, vast is the hand of Death more

Vast is the abyss of darkness overtaken

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