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The Experiment

i wrote that on the back of a picture of me from probably some elementary grade

the great experiment, because what if it is, then what, a problem created just to be

solved, how do we solve it, acceptance at best, passive enjoyment in the worst case

non-judgmental action within the abyss, a tool is all in how you use it, no matter, not

to be concerned or anything, we will all just continue on and never look back, then

what happens, we couldn't all globally change a thing, and that's the funniest part

we think we've reached quantum existence by fevered observances, by good-willed

enthusiasm towards spirituality and the whole rest, whereas, we're only at entanglement

forget the connection, breed the disease, and find out what it's like to be invaded by

something far more foreign to existence then we could have ever foreseen, and now

we will fight for it's existence, make excuses for it's portrayal, and allow the mind to

go down the communal drain, draining it is, i fall in, i question my own proposal, and

seek answers to my own solutions, but this, to me, doesn't feel like an opinion peace

when there are multiple correspondences urging me to continue staring into the stream

consciousness? we are barely a foot deep in the desert sand of time's innumerable hours.

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