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the ever prevalent mystery

all shall be revealed eventually

all shall be unmistakably clear

all shall be what all shall be I

just wish I knew so I could see

leaves fall like drops of dew

caught by the wind in the grass

they could hold there forever if

it wasn't for the movement of

the desert on the sand lifting

spirits every morn to then reflect

the tree and at each end the end

of a web connecting you to me

and because I have put my faith

into anything I tend to get pulled

away by the ever prevalent winds

of an ever unfolding dawn and

the crashing falling playful thought

that somehow our wants could be

our needs and one and two and

somehow three leads to winding

streets that ever take to labyrinthine

questions and circling souls one

more mask in the desert torn and

thrown one more face to break the

concentration one more conversation

on into the mystery on into the wind

if i could only know if i should let go

of hanging on to the idea of love

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