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The Epitaph

an empty grave shaded by a fallen tree marked nameless standing stones

a laugh a misunderstood romance a relation to the enlightenment felt, I

wouldn't dare say in the face of a reflective fountain's still embodiment

there is an immeasurable number of grains of sand in time's hourglass, yet

within the glass of Death, all is to be counted, all is, never was there it before

unto the song of myself, introduction of forbidden entrancement, hyponotized

within the labryronth of sin, lightenining striking the headstone, igniting upon

the mountain, darkness of the royal sanctuary lives for thee and thee alone

for each depth reached the long way around, I wouldn't believe a thing they say

not one sips from the grail twice, nor, could a thousand rainfalls of each a thousand

drops of dew on the grassleaves beneath the floorboards through the other side of


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