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The Death Connection

as above so below, not quite so : an equation, a recipe for disastor

the history of a chaos born from tearing about the soul of a poem

reflection of the vast expanse of the abyss of nothingness oft twas

a grail poured upon the fire red, surrounded, enclosing the mind

within the hemisphere like a garden it is the citadel of mystery the

capstone of the pyramid aligning with a vision of the kingdom of

heaven, therein lies, all of time to the sand collected grain by grain

from each of the innumberable calculations of the star goddess spread

opening the manuscript below the deck of an immaculate sky

repeated more oft than one is so to believe where it is then inside

one black rose held by the hands of two, one skull held by the two hands

of one, The Heart Of The Wand Seeks Not Itself To Discover, true love

the ever prevalent resurrection of DEATH held by the grip of consciousness

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