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The Dancing Destructive

We Are Feign To Discover A New Way To Speak

A Vastly Different Understanding Far Past The Peak

Longingly Into The Glass Staring, Dost The Mind See

Toward Some Far Outlandish Belief, Barely Breathing

Drowning At The Sounds Deep Laughing Til Eyes

Bleed Out The Root Growing Through The Street

We Are Fairly Sworn To The Midnight Bite Of All

Every Sin Beneath The Sun For Every One Until

Time Runs Out Of Sand To Count And Each &

All Symbols Of The Languages Spread  

The Dancing Destructive

Thinketh It Not The Same For Thee

Think Once More It Is The Time To Be Anything To Anyone

Think Thy Hideous Blasphamour Think Once More To Be

Of A Child Find In Each The Surface Of The Face Reflecting Back To Thee

I Thinketh Nought To Believe In Moving Shadows Tongue

I Find Once More The Mask Of A Distance Of History


At The

Entangled Shrug

Lifting Faceless From The Carpet In The Room Just Once More Back Into To Prove

Just It Is To Prove It To Thee Thyself The Slave The Date The Everyday It is To Whom

For Each And All Far Along The Stream The Leaves They Allude For The Time Being

Just For This Time Believing That Each Tree Unfurled The Arms Hanging From The

Branch, That Every Leaf The Same Instead In Veins They Read Every Word Insanity

Plucking Each The Verbose Languages Lucidity Masked Marauder Within The Fountain

Leap, Leap, Twas' The Words Spoken And It Drifts By & By Almost Like The Laughter

Twas It Then The Revolving Spinning Whirlpools Murder Of A Prince Playfully Returning

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