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The Black Cross

"he was fixing your head he wasn;t raping your mouth/" is exactly what i just told myself

when i thought about this dream i had once where it wasn;t really a dream at all it was more

of a comma and this bug like creature that was more a litte critter he was basically pure light

pulsating in the colours of a luminescent life with windows95 eyes and i felt a great presence

then another time another place another vast paradigm within the eyes outside these being

this consciousness of eyes with hands reaching out and when an angel touches you, you die

you just don;t know it because it feels so warm like a rush of hot wind flows through the veins

and you burst into tears because something has changed and then the cold door opens and

you see the darkness creep in and beneath the bed isnt actually anything right now, ammo

sometimes you just have to write the first word that comes to your mind, goodbye, in eyes in

times in line with all things, getting further away from having anything to write on ink

then i thought about all the times i did mushrooms again, again, and i thought about how i

kept thinking about tape worms rising out of the mouth like pulsating white strips of light as

i kept bowing my head wearing the cloak of the night the crutch was upon the doorframe of

the shed what was it that i ever called it then burning the incense, dragon's blood, watching

it fall as we descended deeper that night in the garage and all things symbols of destruction

immaculate colours of then where it is they come from we became one with what we were

settled into, as two, we stayed apart and then the lights came on then the fear overtakes it

the curiosity of what the discussion was to begin with and who is it who is talking, possibly

the being in the seat next to me that melted the seat we sat staring at the stars

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