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Techno Brain Lake

so i am writing this for the second time, even though i dont really

even want to, but at this point in this venture i feel like it is my

necessity to write, so, after a technical difficulty, for the second

time, and again, and again, the power went out for awhile and

besides the obvious realizations about the immensity of work

that people would need to do to be prepared for no electricity

which was my second thought, after, well what am i to do now

which was my first thought that i laughed about because, i used

to not have a tv, and i used to not go on the internet, and i used

to not have a phone, and besides those things, i sat down and

immediately felt the difference of being free from all electric

pulse in the field of energy and it felt like a weight lifted away

and later on then i fell asleep and dreamt of standing in the

middle of a lake, and dipping my head beneath the surface

of what i assumed to be water in a lake, and it felt terrible and

it felt uncomfortable, and a thousand other ways to describe it

and that was in the first person perspective, then in the third

person perspective, i watched myself in the lake, going beneath

the surface, again, and again, i watched the look on my face

and i watched the way the water kept getting darker and darker

as i realized what it meant, from clear to absolute disturbance

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