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Sweeping Swans

i was pressing on the break this whole time, while sucking the exhaust layer from the outside

thats within me thats infinity thats eternal damnation thats a facelift thats a faceless mask

with a demon behind it there is the exit there is that weather again raining for to be found by

the street out of the tunnel out of the dresser drawers the bookshelf was typing me a tweet

it was a chicken leg it was in space i was floating through the looking glass againe between

the doorwar to hell and the gateway of the garden the flowers on Saturn are finally shocking

always a has bend ever a long lost friend family of spiders alluring to frogs ever the bleachers

always the seekers never an honest blog there was a spot back then I carved an X in a tree

and called it a ten, I carved a ten in a tree and calling it an X i couldn't remember where it

begin, brag on brag on, take a drag of the draft table, set the light behind the photograph

of art, experts of scientology could explain ontology by speaking questions gestalt =, it is

the duck of the world with a ruybber band ball bouncing in the broken inn it was a filed cab

it was a filled to the brim with army men there was one in it to be found I couldnt say what

else, the stolen take, the taken stool for a stoop kid is afraid to leave school early, that is a

curly that is a swirley that is a shirley templed round before the spring shout it out and tie a

noose around a fly like wilkie, feed it m&ms beneath a casket of gems and throw the cd's

the stars for explosions, but the stars, thats microwaves car and make a bomb out of a

superman action figure, eat she said this is the friend that introduced you to acid to begin

with and Hitler popped out of his chest and the pink clouds turned into dead faces of dead

people whining that they are stuck in the floor it was a ceiling back then it was a vast

expanse of nothingness, I don't know what he did to his friend, but I know they still talk

about it, I slapped him with the crown he tacked me to the ground and was a bee collector

for butterflies, the poison, he felt bad about feeding daddy and couldn't remember the

rest of the story, that is mustard gas, it is called a take back, and thats when your life is over

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