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surely there must be a catch

there are a million ways to rip out the tree by the roots or there is one

there are a million ways to rip out your heart by the stem or there is one

there are a million ways to rip out the stem by the the flower or there is one

there are a million more ways to rip out what once was by what is or there is one

there are a million more ways to rip out your eyes by the fingertips or there is one

there are a million more ways to rip out your teeth by the grip or there is one

there are a million ways to rip out the soul by the spirit or there is one

there are a million ways to rip out your mind by the mirror or there is one

there are a million ways to question what is real or there is one

there are a million more ways to view what is or there is one

there are a million ways to feel or there is one

there is all, and there is none

there is one, and there is one, and there is an indefinite solution

there is a competition, there is a complacency to all things, and there is love

there is definitely enough, there is enough, there is enough to make anyone question

there is enough of the world to crush the earth, there is enough of the questions

there is the abundance of questions and there is one answer, there is no answer

there is the paradox, there is a vision masking reality with technology, there is us

there is technology masking nature with insanity, and there is what is left

there is what is right, and there is confusion, there is a truth to all things

there is lies, there it lies again, rotting it in the tomb, to seed and grow again

another tree, another tree in another garden in another place at another time

there is what i have been shown, and there is what i have known, and there is also

there is also the concept of nothing, there are enough reasons to believe, and there

there are enough reasons not to, there is everything, and there is no reason to anything

there is chaos again, brewing up the storm, there is the storm again, making noise

there is the passing feeling again, and there it goes, and there into the nothingness

there, who is it whom knows, not I, fate left up the aethyrs, fate left up to the aires, fate

there is fate, and there is freewill again, and there it is, there is the nothingness, there

there is the absoluteness of fading away, there is the eternal mask of reality, there is

there is the infinite complexities, and there is one, there is one and there is none,

and there is no way, there are many ways, there are many people, there are none again,

there is hope, and there it is, flying away on the back of the serpent, there it is, hope again,

there it is falling as an egg from the sky, there it is in the coils of the snake with glowing eyes,

there it is a diamond in a basket thrown, there it is the basket kicked, the diamond gone

there is it, the snake of all the ages wrapping round, there it is, the fangs of death dripping

there is one, or there is none, or there is a beginning, or it is always the end again, there

there is what left of I, there is everything for you, there is nothing left, there is something true

there is what i thought it was, there is what it will be, there is what i want and there is what

there is what i believe, there is belief again, drifting down the stream, there is belief again

there is belief, floating away from me, there is hope again, the diamond breaking, there is

there is the diamond breaking, creating all things in gold, there is the golden longing

there is everyone else, there is I and there is He and there is a secret and there it is again

there is what He is, there is what I am, there is no difference, there is difference in there is

there is difference in appearance, what is truth, what is real, what is this all of time to feel

there is the problem, there is no solution, what we are fixing is what we are creating is what

there is what, nothing again, there is just the obsoleteness, there is consciousness growing

there is consciousness growing as a tree, there is consciousness the tree with golden leaves

there is the tree with golden leaves, and there it is again retreating into the distance, just

just another moment in time of what we once were, and what will we be then, what will we become, what are we to do about anything, what is up is down, what is down is left, what is

left is dust, what is dust is nothingness, what is nothingness was once all things, was once

love, what is love, another leaf, drifting down the stream, another sand grain falls into

it falls into infinity, and where do sand grains go when they fall, the other side, and when

they are on the other side they are waiting to be lifted again to fall back to life, and when

they fall back to life they are on the other side again, and which side is which, there it is

there it is again, all the same, nothing the same as something else, something else again

different than that, something more different than what that once was to be, once something

was and now something is nothing and something different is something and everything

means nothing, and everything means everything, and nothing means anything, and it all

it all means too much to me to believe, and it all means too much to me to retreat, and it

all is too far gone into nothingness to be something, and all something is is far worse than

nothing, and all nothing is everything to somebody, and all the ways to look around at the

same exact thing, and all the exact things are exactly the same as something else, and all

the other things exactly the same as exactly the things that are something, and all what was

life is barely recognizable, and all of what is left of my face is hideous, and all this mask was

saying is hide, and all this mask was doing was allowing me to find, every hideous way that

my face finds different ways to feel, and all the feelings take different ways of looking how it

is that the face feels, and all the ways to look at something and look differently at the same

thing, and all the things are different now, and nothing is the same, and the same will be said

for every proceeding day, after day, after day, and no one is trustworthy, and everyone i love,

and everybody is somebody under the sun, and some people i understand, and most the

time i dont, time i do not understand, and most i wont, there is hope again, propping up

the crutch, there is faith again, teaching me to walk on, there is love again leading me away

there is time again, crushing the masked face, there is doubt again grinding up the heart

there is the heart again, and wherefore, what for, what is it for, where art thou leading me,

away, wherefore art thou going, quite possibly not any place, all is doubt, all is a question,

all will be conclusion, and all will be repetition, and there is life again, life to the living, and

there, there, there there, what will be will be, and always the same. all of everything. nothing

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