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Star Spectacular

and in the vast creations bliss the tables turn the oceans misty eyes that golden

sunrise the feeling of the feeling of feeling fine and the supra-mundane reality

that seeds and sows that bleeds and blows that meager wage that taxing day

that wishful toss and tumbling turn the tables twist the ocean burns the bliss

of creations in the creating creation goes skipping like a stone across the waters

face and skipping into outer space the stone ignites the sun lights the candle on

the table then from the magnifying glass held by the hand of the cherub child he

is but of only the age of ten and when he laughs his wings they dance and taking

off around the room the cherub flies the chairs they move the skeleton men all

sitting up the held by the strings tied unto up above the ceiling and from the

cherub child's hands they do the wicked wicked dance the wicked fiend is rowing

still through the narrow bridge and from the templed spider stairs the mask is

staring in the mirror and while the skeleton arms are suspended in air the cherub

child sings the song he sings is very old the words are lost in the bellowing voice

thrown and reflected off the hallways walls the headlong emptiness the mirrored

frost from pictures many pictures there are in the hall so many moving pictures

and in each frame the same face and in every face the same look and on every

look the face changes again and every change is a different hand and every hand

is a different card and all the cards shuffling into gloves and the gloves make shadows

on the walls and the out of the frame the shadows fall and take to running in the hall

the shadows chase the children round the carpeted floor the candles sound click and

pop and cracking splinter ancient wood the forest ringer from the shoes left by the

stream the vicious design the shouting scream the whirpools effervescent trees down

below the waters rippling face and rippling past the turning twists the stone is thrown

the first skip and from the circling expanded mind the templed walls the ancient climb

from the bottom of the cliff down to the top of the valley the historic scenes all move

around the cherub child closes the door to the hall and looking round the vast enthralled

at the empty room all the books on the shelf couldnt read anyway every word the same

looking for the library of the great perplexed mask the child looks the fastest catching fire

the room engulfed in flames the cherub child what is his name where is this place and what

is it thou art doing here face found from far floating down the stream every colour lifted by

a different leaf and from each leaf the colours create the most adorable portrait of a vintage

game the hunter in the hunting scene held above the table right over the burning candle

and from the candle's liquid flame the painting burns the hunters flee the animals escape all

running round the hands of the skeleton men still lifted for the drink and as the glass settles

down the mirror image breaks and in the hull of the ship the barrels roll the knots tied to the

wrists the prisoner of the barren land the desert demon the ravishing plan the happenstance

who art thou and what is it thou art doing here fiend the masked man the cloak black and

as the knife takes to cutting back the skin somehow interwoven with the music of the singing

song the cherub alights the knife thrown across the room into the spine of a book and the

book falls off the shelf and the knife through the spine catches the apple before it hits the

door splitting in half one half above and one half below and the seeds fall out like planets

go on go on circling the spheres the gravity takes hold the room all in wheels and spinning

spinning as the whirlpool takes hold of the cherub child only ten years old only ten he says

i cannot die yet no i cannot be encapsulated by the ever onwards flow of the stream the

wicked rose the dropping petals the fire whip back you fiend you wicked fiend back you

beast the ropes broken the knots untied by teeth the beast is in the bottom of the ship

the skeleton men fall all to pieces and before the seeds caught by the hands of mice the

cherub child shoots them all in one draw back one release five seeds struck into a leaf

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