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Somehow Three

i find the need to want, i find the want to be, the same as need

I find the desire to be connected somehow too similar, far, to the desire

the desire I fiend to be a fiend or in much lesser words the need to

see and the want to dive deep far too deep into the nightmare, way

far out past the breaking surface of the oceans reap and sow, way too

close to the familiar feelings of needing something to fill the emptiness

with falsities, with something that is far more dense and subservient to me

serve me, my desires, and be the servant of the day, give to me the fullness

without the meaning, give to me the break and burst of bitter bursting breaks

and in ever more degrees of the same, on the surface level of the hideousness

what is to be sought more than to seek something without, to see, to take

and without reflection, without thought, to give, and give what all is to be, with

or without, is it not the same, to see, and to give all in all givings certain grace

what more dost thou do thou some how far be smitten face so seeking to give

and yet to give without givings further observation, and for what, to when, and

who shall be so special to decide, and for each and everyone the same, again

and again, why not be so desirable to be, lost, in the deep, and go ever deeper

into the forbidden wasteland that so bestrides, and in striding, leap, and take thou

take thou with me, and with me thou dost take, and evermore dost thou give

and seest nought the ever forsaken same, land upon land, day upon day, seek

seek to be sought, and wander evermore, ever further, further into the abyss of

self relective mastery that masks as a mirror is masking what is truly within, for do

thou not seest it, dost thou not believe, that ever giving and every symptom thou

dost give, further breeds the disease of blasphemy upon the will of what it is

to begin, and what is it to begin, there with all, nought speech could, and less is

more somewhere in the aethyr, and every wanting look wants more to be, and so

innocent and so giving it is, and yet somewhere, deep within, i tell you, truly, from

observances bittermost tongue, what it creates is what exactly and at once the same

the desire to take, and take, and take, is want, and want, and more want, one and two

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