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Slippery Serpent

the labyrinth was created before the maze within the mind enveloped the senses with fire

and split the seedling, the sap of two things meeting, before the lotus was unraveling petals

the thousandth and first one being the last of the thirteen, bunny ears extended and shot

for walking arrows on the walls of the room tattoo, following clues, listen to the directions

spelling sentences, three tens make a dirty bed unholy cross of legs spread open and the

white rose left upon the compass to dial the sun up afternoon, a shadow of a poet! and

tossed, the crystal from the palm back to the top of The Staff of Satan, that is walking it

Without entering, the door opens on the right, and out of the left, light returning tapered

Just because it is a perspective of a gem to be a jewel, it is not jeweled into being wet for

Long when it rains in the cave of salt for a mind is a mind is a mind and that is what I have

Being saying this whole entired time, I really did feel bad about it, reaching for Nirvana left

A mark in the light of time, which one was it then, the colours of the rainbow blend and thats

Just colours then, bleeding from the eyes of the Staff of Satan painted, it was leaning on a

Bench in the graveyard, telling him the secret passed beneath an overcoat jacket, it is a

Left a tip in the broken frame, self repeated self obsession with what, pain, and a finger in

My ear, I hear it now the light from the eye of the tiger inside giving away a roaring fiver.

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