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Slate Poems

then further past the surface, further past the break, further into the nothingness

into the nothingness we make, unto the empty bottle, unto the crashing sea, unto

the grand assemble and the orchestra of strings, unto the night we follow, moon

thou shining obsolescence, nor canst thou feel again the innocence, a pity, now

nor canst thou find more heavens, I wouldst decide again to be, thou slave for all

thou hast, give to me thou deepest longing, make for me thou sweetest test, and

when thou hast no more inside, to die in happiness, and live againe, and breathe,

againe, and find thyself no more, for searching is to the seeking mind thou misery

thou misery, shalt thou feel no more, thou and I shall go onwards, on into the storm

on into the break of the ever crashing shore, to find within the everlasting, the

all knowing, the everything you need, the all desire, the secret wish, the most humble

obedience, thou, thou fiend, thou wicked fiend, thou mask, what dost thou see in me

for what I have seen in thee is no more than things dreams are made of, things, insanities

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