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Skull Mosaic

any pretty bird these days can imitate a pretty song

everybody on the other side knows just exactly how

it is that they are to play along without objection and

most don't even have to sing standing on the stage

darling, let me clip your little pretty wings while you

wrap yourself in linen as a pretty little gift and give

yourself to the entertainment business to be sold

marketed like a fish market sells the smell of fish

to more successful and richer birds with plumage

from foreign investigers all you need is a dream

and to sell it all it takes is the vast mass of existence

to be tied down with the everyday, come here little

bird, little pretty bird, all you need to do to escape

wait a few years, settle some god-forsaken instinct

to be outstanding from the crowd, and the internet

will do the rest, rest, rest your sqwauking beak, worry

about your future? no, dont worry, learn a pretty sing

sing along, and the rest is just history buried in a crypt

with cryptic symbols that smarter men and women once

read as a vital part of understanding value to be what

you make of it, instead, let richer men and women, from

richer lands, tell you how they will fix the subjects and

pronounce the predication that the dream is well alive

you can be well-off the script but medication will solve

most of the problems of depression and anxiety while

children whom lead children to child's play sell visions

like smoke screens on screens in screens of dripping

colors bleeding colors bleeding rainbow coloured fruit

and beneath the last remaining tree asleep with nothing

to do burying deeper into the nothingness just to get

away from the truth, it is so far out of hand that the best

of them wouldn't do a goddamn thing, and there is

no turning the ship around, better get to pulling teeth

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