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Side walking Steps

in the visage hallway the dirty old man peers at the crystal eyelid at the vast vision

taken aback by the great lack of light the blackness pulls the soul ignites the spirit

fights the chains length pull and on the stone the masked fool and with her hands

in the sockets electric trip one finger at the lips the mask reflects within outside is

looking grey again it is raining like it did back then and when it rains it rains rainbows

and when the rainbows fall they become black pools of liquid wicked liquid reverb-

raining every liquid sphere that drops creating more vast creations before they fall

the leaves they catch the wicked stare the fired matches flickering through the sky

the tables turn the open eyes all dripping visions coloured vision all dropping pre-

disposition all countenance by counting sand grains masquerading as stars caught

by the wind at large and by and by they all fall down one at a time they fall as sound

sound echoing in the canyons depth the chairs collapse the dust rises the smoke fills

the room from the burning curtains of the cherub child still setting fire to set the mood

pretty visions pretty visions wont thy better present fill the time with sand from better

islands and far off sounding foreign dances where bells ring on skirted mistresses skirts

and in their hands tiny mirrors clap and reflections glowing black the introverted expose

the paintings spillling alll over the plllace and the colllours shifting magnifique the magic

wand the troubled feet whom take to running down the halll the hallways vision inspired

song the singing angellls voices go on go on and as the planets whirlling spheres paint

the canvas in spiraled gears all twisting in and out of each each tooth a gear each gear

turning another gear and at the teeth all bleed and bleeding from the bitten fruit the

rainbow tree the golden root the broken compass spinning in-veritably the table turns

upside down to be marked with the sigil of every age and every fasting memory running

through the hallways glow the candle melts the fire grows from dripping wax and dropping

glass the mirror breaks the frame collapsed the paining of the portrait of a little girl whom

laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs and down the hallways the echoing screams of

chains rattling and snakes hissing and warping the mind into vicious epiphany the oceans

lift the sirens sing the song that leads the desert step the mirage it lingers the moving rest

the ship pulls on the leather straps pulling the fiend back off the sand as the wave hits the

ship and round the neck the leather rings the neck deep into the ocean the slave he hangs

and drowning also at the same time the abyss starts filling up the eyes and blackness all dark

trees envelop the spiritual soul the soul spiritual and tearing at the body like brushes paint

the cherub child remembers then the candle stick upon the table set the golden flame the

notebook beneath and in read ink the words read themselves the blood it flows the chairs

settled and the table once more returns to its place the sigil marked the date erased from

quick visions vast immersive tune between the glass breaking before the wax drop dripped

in the second hand caught lifting the ship lifted past the breaking wave the water fills the

desert and fills a silver goblet filled to the brim and in the hand of the cherub child just to

fall again round the rainbow shroud the black blood from red clouds the bronze mask and

the paints they drip and drop and mix the colors lucid broken stick the straight wand wast

one to be yet the stakes were too high and the foundation, the foundation it leaked.

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