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Shut Down

and even if we could make a difference, besides being aware of just

exactly where it is we are now, exactly where we stand in the desert

of all of the ages, where our awareness directs, and what it is we

choose, what would that look like, unless we all agreed to collectively

change the direction we are headed in, the people making decisions

would have to make the decisions for us, and we would have to start

there, and even then, what is left of the world is far from the earth

so I leave the postulate where it is, because it is just too depressing

but that is life now, that is everyday, and i have no escape, and at

least maybe one day, i can look someone in the eyes and they will

know exactly what it is that is within me because it is said now, and

we won't have to talk about it again, because there is no other option.

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