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Setting The Stone

he laughed when I put the tipper on


to inform you

looking like Crowley like looking

he stood next to me at the tipper shoe

looking like a leprachaun laughing like

[s]he said, bach, I have the tattoo

and all I heard was noise, wearing the alien suit

he said, they were feeding me grapes man

And Sayer Said It In Enonchian

When it is an accident you can't avoid

"I have the pyramids tattoo'd on my heart man"

When it is exactly what you heard him say

Silence are the words other men speak for me

but I was(n't) cheating on my girl feral alli

I head butted a girl once, actually

smashed like a glass the mask of the face

stacking rocks on the bay

she was the dancing lady

a lot of things happening at church today

I remember where it is, in my bunk bed at the top.

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