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Search Bars Forbidden Because Im 1337

some choices poeple have to make and some choices are difficult and some choices choose for you before you had the second thought the second time before the hand grasped at things floating around the mind in the aethyr better scatter better splinter cell fractalled out to loose focus and tangerine peach fuzz lighters than angel dust lighter than winged feather falling for a bowling falling for a leaf before it falls from the tree falling deep to cut within the cut that's bandaid thats magic trick thats hat capped and dollars spin spendthrift theived for castles made of clouds in sand prints from puddled rainfalls in rainforests for bigger leaves and finer things made honestly made for trying to be alive and in living trying to be life itself does live to be moving clouds in the skyless puddled space for mud sticks to boots for days and shoveled thick for trenches dug for poured corners bent rebarred for twisting ties with hook's claw for pan fried quesodillas and naked lunch crosseyed arrow shot third time thru one eyes fourth mind for five guys is expensive and let me tell you, they'll always know when

and that was it and back to some choices and choices for choosin' i wouldn;t begin to see fate is an alignment of desicions made constantly consciously connected naked trees with tinsel string to hang ornaments of birds tales squeeky clean and seeing eyes speak and laughing at things said twice without consciously understanding what they mean yet hearing the words and knowing exactly what was said without questioning im an accursed man left to hand for all of time i wouldn't know why i wouldn't say i wouldn't play two hands clapping for fate is sound waves from affectations infectious belief the choices are made through out time and time is catching up to speach and speech is catching aflame from mouths running free for all of time building up to something towered stairs crooked heads staring mindfully eyes read lines from sutras writting by smiling minds read written smiles aligning teeth by counting reflections from the shining spit from tongues spoken word syndrome forgotton for sand flying and in star caught star dust stars crush eyes for light blinded by cruel design to find I somewhere deep within the casket climbing vines for prehistoric wifi chip unconnected reinspected introduced and neglected or in better words denied saw the radius before it reached diameter and decided to fight took the angled catapult and lighting the fire oft made for burning hearths good health beating heartings with good strings played five cards and sand for for stars written whiplashed exit before the dealt with was dead ends for cliff roots to grapple with falling hands from crumbled ledge standing higher than the body standing with hand stretched out for the precipice one for the soul two for the body three for the spiritual alignment reflections off the grail in the tembled marple lighting the wick of the candled canopy beneath the cave in the casket to hide from gypsy theives whom thicker than casket hand shouldered ox cart pulling priests walking toward the light of future me

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