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Screaming Through The Sky

break through the mind that is breaking through, if every thought is a repeat

it is a new season, may it forever be new in the season, may it be forever the

season of new ins, the new in season, forever, repeating, screaming thru, sky

breaks as the mind breaks as the breaking mind is breaking through the mind

breaking through the breaking mind as it breaks, and wishes float away, every

tree has hidden roots, every leaf has its tree, all leaves die in the new season

all hidden roots exposed to the cold of midsummer nights dreamy tide, bringing

in the new, all the ways the new of the season, all the seasons just to create

paintings, endless painting in the mind just to create something moving, past

the breaking of the egg, no, you cannot glue the pieces of an egg shell back

together again, not because you cannot do it, nor can you not try, it is merely

the reason of the season of the new life, I won't allow it, as every chicken flies

the coop, and crosses the double crossed road aloof, and marks the street corner

when it all turns gray, and every step you take is a repeating landscape popping up

again, doot doot dee doot dee doot doot doot, keep the mind aligned with the

shooting star exploding far out the paint becoming sparks die out and fall away

fall away beyond the memory, pin pointing every drop of dew that reflects between

the empty space into one thousand reflecting beams of light all in lines the light

carries over aligning in visions great spiral, the web at each intersection a skull hanging

back in the temple again, a bone hanging from a string, and world yet in front of me

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