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420 Sayings In Prose & Verse

the mind is a loose canon, following the light stricken match lit fuse sparks growing as

the string dwindling into nothing into the barrel to set fire to the grains a field of the

growing masses encapsulating each their own inside their own brain one diamond

sparkling reflects light beams connected to each their own inside their own diamond

reflecting sparkling light made of dying dwindling sparks the fuse lit by a match who

has the time to strike who has the time second hand revolving faster than before the

minute hand a little longer then the hour, the hour clicks time spins in the hourglass

whirlpool counter purpose to the point slipped broken it falls to crack split the take

and don't give it back, give it back, where's my hat, promises, liquid destiny flowing

from the handprint solidified in melting stone, nose bone, empty throne, wherefore art

thou castled walls corrupted by the masses touching fingertips to sacred mistresses

dresses revealing trickery, in the thick of it, the brambles cut, the thorns protect, flower

crown thrown from the window and caught by the dove, opening up, wings torn off

by the claws of of the hidden text, knife in, blood written lettre red, held between the

teeth before the match was lit to spark the fuse, canon aimed and redy, straight up and

down, sinking ship for the caption of a clown, smoke held, mid air collision, claws ripping

wings for children dripping blood from the pinnacle, third eye right red, crying, screaming

laughing, hour glass spinning balanced on the edge, round about in the opposite direction

laying on the hood of the car biligerent, gentle dove's last dying wish, garlanded in the palm

of the princess for magic hidden, shadow play, faceless as the dawns greatest escape, veiled

as the moon in clouds of the darkest night of the year while the rain falls down to hit the hull

of the ship, through the stern, out into waters deepest sink, washing away history in flames

fire written words spell a hideous soliloque from the manuscript drenched in wine rings

hiding the jewel inside a skull buried beneath floorboards of rooms behind locked doors

beneath carpets from foreign fairylands where the tale is spun by spider's legs, adventure

you say, mystery, captivating it is to be, sinking ship beneath the beautiful moon in the night

reflection of the biting, coin nailed to the mast shines gold from the diamonds eye self

luminescent of the roses death in the garden of enchantment past the forest of sin burning

trees walking in time with skeleton men marching for leaves to glue the pieces back together

again, remembrance, once it was enough to dance, once it was enough, it was too much,

never againe, never spread open to the starlit sky sickening green from saltwater taking to

overflowing within, drowning in the light of a golden sun on the other side of the ocean

as many sand grains as the desert lies at the bottom of the depth, i counted them all in



a single breath

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